Why Buying in the Winter is a Great Idea!

Many of us believe that the best time to explore the real estate market and buy a house is during the warmer months, which are spring and summer. After all, there are more houses on the market, which means you have more choices. What more could you ask for? Actually, there are a lot of other factors to consider for homebuyers in Edmonton. Contrary to popular belief, going house-hunting during winter could actually prove to be advantageous for you. The main reason why many people don’t prefer to look for homes to buy during winter – that the weather is cold and chilly and there is snow everywhere – could be the one thing that works to your benefit. Winter may be harsh in Canada, but if you are willing to brave the cold winds, then you might just find the perfect home at an unbeatable price. If you’re still not convinced that you should get up, dress up and look for houses during winter, consider the following advantages you will have. they might just change your mind. 

     ·Prices are generally lower-Listing prices decrease with the temperature. This is because the number of people looking for houses to buy is very few, because, honestly, no one wants to pack their belongings and move houses when they could cozy up under blankets in freezing temperatures. This forces sellers to offer lower prices,  lower than during peak seasons like summer and spring, so they can close as soon as possible.
     ·It is easier to negotiate with the seller-When someone is putting their house up for sale during winter, which they know is not the most profitable season for them, then it probably means they may be more willing to work on a deal put forward. In other words, they are doing it out of necessity like having to move to another city or because they really need the money. As such, it becomes much easier to negotiate with them because they are more invested to close the deal. Sellers know putting their house in the market during winter means they have to compromise at some point, which could give you a better opportunity to bargain.
    ·Fewer buyers means you cut out competition- Edmonton, like any other city where the winters are cold, gets fewer buyers during the colder months. This is an opportunity that you won’t get during the peak seasons. Canada has a bustling real estate market and many buyers are bidding prices to get the house of their dreams. The bidding wars can get overwhelming during summer and spring, effectively cutting down your chances of landing the house you want. However, buying during winter means there are fewer buyers who will be bidding and the higher your chances are of getting your dream house. Competition is cut out without you having to do anything except reap the benefits.
  ·You see the house for what it truly is- In a market like Edmonton, winter is the toughest season for a home. No house ever looks so inviting and warm when it is covered in ice and snow. Besides, because of the harsh weather, any defect in the house such as leaky roofs and walls, broken broilers and more can be easily noticed. The ability of the house to keep you safe and warm during the cold and chilly winter are tested, and you can see for yourself just how much the house is worth. This means you can use this opportunity to negotiate so you can get a lower price. During warmer months, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking a house is picture-perfect because everything is bright and warm and sunny.         ·Your real estate agent has more time for you- Another great advantage of buying a house during winter is that since there will be very few potential buyers exploring the market, your Edmonton real estate agent will have more time to devote to you. You will have their undivided attention because the number of listings and sales will drop greatly during the cold seasons. It may seem daunting and honestly, not very exciting to hit the snow-covered streets, but if you want to get the house of your dreams at the best possible price in Edmonton, there’s no time like winter. Let me help you with your chilly search!

Amanda Olivari